Butchery Promotion 14/09/2017 – 20/09/2017

Beef Short Rib Bone In $4.05/100g (Usual-$4.50/100g)

Beef Flank Steak $4.05/100g (Usual-$4.50/100g)

Beef Shin Shank $2.60/100g (Usual-$2.90/100g)

Honey Roasted Turkey Breast $3.86/100g (Usual-$4.29/100g)

Back Bacon Sliced $2.34/100g (Usual-$2.60/100g)

The above promotion is available at all Butchery by Culina at Fairprice Finest. Culina Pte Ltd reserves the right to vary any terms and conditions of the promotion at any time without prior notice.